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July 21, 2010
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Silver and Blaze's kids by beckf3000 Silver and Blaze's kids by beckf3000
here's Silver and Blaze's kids
the parent part in the bios comes in play when i get to the adopted children. and i'm not don't with everyone so there will be more best friends and i'll be able to name all the team mates and teams. i only have a couple families completely planned out. updates will come at some points

Silver is 37 and Blaze is 36. Silver has scars like Sonic

and the kids

Name: Platinum
Nickname: None
Speices: Half hedgehog, Half cat
Age: 15
Fur Colors: Light Gray and Light Purple
Eye Color: Yellow
Height: 3'3"
Weight: 74lbs
Parents: Silver and Blaze
Likes: Family, learning, showing he's powerful, helping others, video games, Amelia, cooking, pulling pranks
Dislikes: Party poopers, being out smarted, not being able to control real life battles
Best Friends: Charlie, Carlisle
Team mates: Ember and ?
Team: Team Dimension N.G.
Personality: Sarcastic, Smart Ass, funny, helpful, gullible, immature, understanding, stubborn
Ability: Flight
Platinum is Silver and Blaze's only son. Silver and Blaze had triplets and Platinum is the oldest. He loves learning from his parents. Platinum cooks with his mom and flies with his dad. He is childish for being 15. He loves playing pranks on his sisters and other heroes. Even though he knows how to have a good time, he is a serious fighter. Platinum hates it when he can't control battles like in his video games. He doesn't like to stop fighting because he's protective. This can get him in lots of trouble and really hurt.

Name: Silvia
Nickname: sometimes Sil
Speices: Half cat, Half Hedgehog
Age: 15
Fur Colors: Light purple and Light gray
Eye color: yellow
Height: 3'2"
Weight: 68lbs Silvia "If you must know..."
Parents: Silver and Blaze
Likes: Winning, cold weather, flying, picking on others, learning, friends, making ice art
Dislikes: hot weather, people picking on her friends and siblings, friends in pain
Best Friends: Rhapsody, Rory, Marz, Sharp
Team mates: N/A
Team: N/A
Personality: Friendly, calm, frank, protective, kind, strong, stubborn
Ability: Flight
Silvia is Silver and Blaze's middle child. She has unique powers. Silvia has powers from both of her parents, both fire and psyhcokinesis. When she combines her powers, she can make ice. Silvia loves that ability. She loves learning from her parents. She learns how to control her fire and psyhcokinesis. With her powers, she loves making ice art. Silvia doesn't like seeing her friends in pain so she'll put herself in the way of an attack. She'll fight back twice as hard.

Name: Ember
Nickname: Em
Spieces: Half hegehog, half cat
Age: 15
Fur Colors: Light gray and light purple
Eye Color: Yellow
Height: 3'2"
Weight: 70lbs Ember "Happy to know?"
Parents: Silver and Blaze
Likes: Acrobatics, being with family, music, marshmallows
Dislikes: Heights, being alone, being fooled, water over her head
Best Friends: N/A she does have friends i just haven't named them yet ^^;
Team mates: Platinum and ?
Team: Team Dimension N.G
Personality: Quiet, Shy, kind, strong, naive, cautious, gullible
Ability: Speed
Ember is Silver and Blaze's youngest triplet. She has her mom's fire powers but she's careful with them in the house. She doesn't want to burn the house down or set anyone on fire :onfire:. But Ember unleashes everything in battle. Ember is easily fooled. You can make her believe anything. Ember is very smart though. She can solve very complex problems.

and there's Silver and Blaze's kids. hope u like them

Silver and Blaze belong to SEGA
All the kids belong to me
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Is the one on the far right silvia? She is hot. LOL.
It's the one in the middle. To the far right is Ember
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I love this
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I thought Silver and Blaze were the same age!
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