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Here's different pictures for me or have my charries in them! <3

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I'm the quiet girl in class who doesn't always seem to pay attention. I'm know for day dreaming and not listening when I should be but that doesn't hold me back. I take pride in my work and spend a lot of time focused on my work. Everything I do is done to the best of my abilities at the time. I may be slow with artwork sometimes but that's because I need inspiration. When I get something on my mind, it'll get worked on. Things will get left undone if I don't feel like I have the right motivation at the time and hopefully I'll come back to them later. I'm always nervous when meeting new people, even over the internet. I don't want to scare people away with the craziness that can be me but I don't wanna be someone I'm not. So I'm quiet and don't exactly know how to make friends. That's just me though.

I'm in love with any and all kinds of art. If it can be used to make art, I'm going to try it at some point. I work in 2D and 3D. I like drawing digitally and traditionally. I may not be the best at everything, but I've tried a lot and loved it. I don't sit by when it comes to art. I love making things. Most of the time on here, you'll just see my digital work. Since I'm in college now with a smart phone though, hopefully I'll make some beautiful creations I remember to put up here.

Even though I'm not a conversation starter, I can keep it going. Wanna know more about me? Just come ask! I promise I won't bite.


Found Some Red! by beckf3000
Found Some Red!

Joella found the red! It took a little of her cooking knowledge. She remembered all the foods that stained her clothes red. With those fruits and vegetables, a little bit of blood, cooking and a touch of lemon to preserve the color, she has a nice huge jar of red! It's even kid friendly incase they decide to lick whatever's red.

I'll get a better picture when I get home in a few days. I hope you like it though.
Arianne Meesh by beckf3000
Arianne Meesh
This here be my entry for TipsyRa1d3n's contest.

Name: Arianne "Annie" Meesh
Species: Jerboa
Age: 26(When Norbert is 31)

Bio: Arianne's life started before she was even born. When in the womb, her mother was told her little baby girl was going to be born with birth defects. She would love the baby no matter what but the baby wasn't going to have an easy and happy life with people picking on her for being different. WHen the doctors told Mom nothing could be done, she started hearing about a little town. Hope Village was a little village away from any major cities. There in the town, there was a lab that worked with unborn babies to give them a happy, defect free life. In return though, the baby would have new mutations. These babies couldn't be in the every day word because they wouldn't understand the little kids with new powers from changing the genes around.

Mom went to little Hope Village. She wanted her baby to be happy. The doctors took Mom into an operating room and messed around with little Arianne's genes. About 4 months later, Arianne was born a healthy little baby with electromagnetic powers. It wasn't much more than just super static-y hair and her hands sticking to metals a little tighter than other kids'. Arianne had a pretty eventless childhood. She lived around the other mutated kids with their powers. She was tested some, just to make sure she knew how to use her powers and that the powers weren't too much for her little body.

It was when she was 19 when Hope Village got too much media attention. People heard about this place were kids were tested and mutated. They heard about the amazing things Hope Village was doing for hopeless kids. The good and bad attention drew more press to the little town and people who wanted to close down or control the labs. The doctors and kids inside wouldn't that happen though. With Jack, one of the first patients and one of Arianne's best friends, they moved the whole town. Jack had telekinesis and was able to move the whole town deep into the middle of thick forest. People had no idea what to do and no one really questioned how the town just disappeared.

Hope Village was good for another 7 years, but then the raiders came. All those seven years, the village had been planning for an attack but not one in the middle of the night. Arianne had just turned 26 when the town was attacked. Raiders came in and started destroying the town. Family and friends were murdered. The mutated children were kidnapped and forced to go with the raiders. Arianne had been one of the leaders in the training for an attack like this but she froze. She hid herself inside her basement, under boxes where no one found her. A day later, when silence fell over the village, Arianne crawled out of the wreckage and looked at her new lonely town. Bodies were everywhere. She broke down and cried for months.

Months went by and Arianne was alone. She had taken time to cremate the bodies of all in the village, the last finale peace she could give to them. She made the lab she grew up in her home base. None of the files had been taken, to Arianne's relief. She made sure they stayed in the back as she started prepping the front of the lab to be her new home. All the food in town was gathered up and stored along a wall in Arianne's house. She was there alone until a massive dragon stumbled upon her dead town...

Said massive dragon wasn't quite as massive as you would think. He was just Norbert, the 7 foot tall giant that he is but he seemed massive to little Arianne. She was out collecting food and escaped lab papers. When she returned home she found Norbert in his golden armor wondering around her lab. She thought he might be a new raider come to get some of the lab tests they had forgotten the first time. Arianne watched as he walked into the back rooms and hide with a knife in hand, ready to kill the raider who came back to get her. As Norbert came creeping around the corner, Arianne was ready to attack him until she saw the massive claymore in his hand. She stumbled back and the two started talking.

Once things had been straightened out that Norbert wasn't a raider, Norb invited Arianne back home to Eccentrix City and Arianne asked for Norb to destroy her village. She was the only one left and she didn't want that information getting out. It was the last thing she could give to her friends and family. They'd want people to be safe. With one hyper blast from eating his claymore, Norb destroyed the village and took Arianne home with him. He had promised he would help her find her friends who had been kidnapped, even if they were good, bad, or dead. They were going to find all 20 to have closure.

Fast forward a few years when Arianne's friends would have all been found, this is when she'd be getting the feels for Norbert because he saved her and helped her find her friends. He was more than just your everyday friend. He gave her new life.

Annie comes off as quiet when someone is first meeting her. She's a little worried around strangers but she's getting over that with the help of the Eccentrix. She can eat like any man whenever she gets hungry but never manages to put on weight. Since she had been living in a closed off village, Annie loves to go out and try new things. She'll do mostly anything. She wants to help people now since Norb helped her, as a pay it forward thing. Plus she feels she owes it to all her dead family and friends. She's starting to understand the 'other' world as she could call it, where the beautiful creation of pizza was made. Being cut off from the world made her miss out on a lot of things so she's also ready to learn.


And Done! I hope this is enough information. Ask if you need to know anything else. My computer is lagging with all this text!

 I hope you like her. I love how the electricity came out. I don't know if I could do that again though. Wish me luck in the contest! It's a bit of a wild card going in with a mammal rather than a lizard for Norb but I think these two would be good for each other.
Sonic and Amy by beckf3000
Sonic and Amy
You'll see which characters I like together. And these are one of my favorites since the beginning. I hope you like these guys!

I'm at college right now and I don't have my scanner. You'll see these washed out pictures until I can get home. Hopefully you can deal with thse until now. Enjoy!
Shadow and Maria by beckf3000
Shadow and Maria
I've gotten into the mood of wanting to draw Sonic couples. I'm going to try and stick with this one since it's only little shots of them. Here we have Maria and Shadow. I hate using black because it's so dark and using gray on Shadow here wasn't all that bad. It's been a while since I've done traditional work. It's awesome. I like being able to move my paper around. I'm scared of line arts though because you have one chance. I hope you like them though.

Help me out with my Government homework and answer the poll!!! Should gay marriage be legal in the U.S? (You can way in still even if you don't live in the U.S) 

28 deviants said Yes
6 deviants said No


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i'm saving up for a membership and for point commissions. every point donated will be a great help. i'll draw u something if u would like for donating. so i guess point commissions are open. here's the prices:

Sketch- 2
Traditional Lineart- 5
Colored Digital Lineart- 10
Traditional Colored Character only- 10
Digital Colored Character only- 15
Traditional Colored Character w/Background- 20
Digital Colored Character w/Background- 25
Traditional Comic Page- 25
Digital Comic Page- 30
Traditional Chibi- 5
Digital Chibi- 7
And it's always another 2 For every extra character in the picture.

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all you need to do is ask to be in it and BAM! you're in if i know you well.


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